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Future of Culture Article Humantelligence

The Future of Culture Article

The Future of Culture   Where is culture headed, and how can you stay on top of shifting employee needs? Learn more in our latest article published by View the article below or download the full PDF to save and read later from the following link:   The Future of Culture With the advent […]

Thought Leadership Webinars

Diversity of Thought in Successful Businesses

      What is Diversity of Thought and why is it so important? In our latest webinar with, we explore this topic from a cultural and recruitment perspective. The “favorite” candidate is rarely also the “best fit” candidate. Learn why in the full webinar below.       KEY FINDINGS: In summary, Humantelligence […]

Humantelligence and The State of Corporate Culture

The phrase “corporate culture” elicits many questions. How do we define it? Once we do, can we successfully measure and manage it? If so, how? To help answer these and other questions, partnered with Humantelligence to conduct a study with 537 HR executives across virtually every industry. For the purposes of this study, we define […]

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Humantelligence helps businesses know their culture

5 Reasons Why Building Culture is Worth the Investment

Although understanding and improving company culture is gaining traction in the Human Resources and Talent/Recruitment spaces, there is still a reluctance among businesses when it’s time to fully invest in the concept. This is due to many factors, most of which we are well-versed in as a Culture Software pioneer and leader in the HR space. […]
Human Resources Employees

The Future of Better Culture

68 percent of leaders believe culture is a competitive advantage, yet only10 percent of leaders succeed in building a high-performance culture, and 95% of team leaders cannot answer “what is your team culture? The Future of Better Culture   Culture as a concept is buzzworthy and therefore often open to interpretation by businesses in every industry and vertical. […]

How to Interview for Culture Fit

3 easy steps to culture fit interviews that are insightful, scalable, and lead to great hires. Alignment (or misalignment) of personal and organizational values directly effects employee engagement, which in turn effects performance and retention. Strong alignment strengthens overall company culture, but if you bring in people who aren’t aligned, you’ll quickly find yourself at the […]

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Creating Great Corporate Cultures White Paper

Downloadable White Paper in Partnership with

Exclusive Humantelligence and research  A strong company culture is vital for a successful organization. But, developing this solid culture is no small task. Do you have a positive culture within your organization? If not, how do you create one? Once you do, can you successfully measure and manage it? To help answer the burning HR questions of […]
Humantelligence vs. DISC and Myers-Briggs

Understanding DISC, Myers-Briggs, and the Humantelligence Difference

Because Humantelligence is a Culture Software provider, we often get asked about other, legacy tools that have been commonly used to assess candidates and promote or establish the corporate culture. Most of these inquiries include the DISC assessment or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, two well-known options we cover in this brief overview.   In order to help […]

The Humantelligence Blog

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The Not-So-Obvious Reasons Your Team is Underperforming 

Imagine you are sitting in an airport waiting for your flight. The airport is busy and you are at that low ebb in the day where you are looking for any external stimulus to get you through the boredom. You look around in the hope of seeing something entertaining and you notice two pilots walking […]
Humantelligence wins best case study

HR Tech Connect Conference Recap

From Nov 17-20 (Sun-Wed), Humantelligence was part of the leading HR conference focused on HR Technology in Jacksonville, FL – know as the “HR Tech Connect” conference. This event had over 200 HR executives and HR technology analysts from major companies (all with > 5,000 employees), as well as with 30 major HR technology vendors. Humantelligence Wins […]
Humantelligence, The Culture Solution

The Power of AI in Recruitment and Culture Adoption

DID YOU KNOW? Recruiters lose an average of 14 hours per week to manually sourcing and screening candidates. -G2 Tech Marketplace   [ This part of a series that can be viewed in full at on our Youtube channel, HERE. ]   There is a better way, but it’s not as simple as pushing a button to […]

Thought Leadership Webinars

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Drive a Culture of Success using Innovative Technology

Drive a Culture of Success using Innovative Technology [originally presented at the HR Tech Connect Summit] Watch as Humantelligence CEO, Juan Betancourt and DaVinci Payments Head of HR, Olga Spivak present on stage at the HR Tech Connect Summit. In the keynote, they speak on the misconceptions about what culture is, how to measure and […]

Understand & Own The “Culture Economy”

What is the concept of Culture Economy and how will it shape the culture of tomorrow? How much will it cost your company if YOU don’t know? Understanding human capital at it’s most fundamental, individual level is of the utmost importance. Your employees and their values are what will shape the future success of your […]

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